MVP-Arena.com is the first website that allows you to compete with your friends, and not only, in numerous and exciting monthly challenges on the most famous online games.

Every month will be available many challenges divided by type game, to become the month’s MVP (Most Valuable Player) you should subscribe and participate in our challenges as much as possible.

The higher the quantity of the contents you will publish, the higher your chance to obtain/get positive votes and comments from our users.

At the end of the month the challenges will be concluded and it will no longer be possible to submit videos, but you will still have the chance to comment on all the videos uploaded for a further 20 days at the end of which the rankings for each challenge will be drawn up.

The player who has obtained the best ratings in multiple challenges will be elected MVP and will get, until the end of the next challenges, a  on his / her login.

To join our challenges it is sufficient to be Twitch members.

In fact, using your Twitch account, you can also log in to our website and view all the challenges.

You can subscribe for each challenge; to participate, just play the game by activating a live session on twitch (you must first activate the video streaming on twitch, if you do not know how to, simply consult our FAQ‘s) and complete the goal of the challenge.

At this point, by opening MVP-Arena.com and entering the challenge you were previously registered for, you will find a list of all your Twitch live videos during the validity period of the challenge. You will have to select the video in which you have completed the challenge (attention, the videos can last for 60 minutes) and confirm the video upload. The video will then soon be visible on the site and registered users can leave comments and votes on what you’ve published. All uploaded videos will also be automatically published on the official youtube channel of MVP-Arena.

What are you waiting for? Register and do your best to become the next MVP!