Team Registration:

- All teams must register online to secure a spot.

- Teams may elect to pay one of three payment options: Full Advanced Payment, Two Payments, and our Installment Plan. Please ask the front desk for more details.

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- Leagues are separated by divisions in order to group players and teams for competitive parity.

- The “A” Division is for highly skilled, experienced, and fit players. “B” and “C” are for general competitive play depending upon skill level, athletic ability, and general fitness.

- Availability of divisions on certain nights will depend upon the number of registered teams.


- Only turf shoes designed for artificial surfaces or soft flat-soled shoes are allowed.

- Molded cleats, screw-ins, or any hard soled shoes are prohibited.

- Shin guards and socks must be worn by all players.


*Effective 1/1/2014
In order to play in any of our Leagues, ALL players are REQUIRED to have any of the following memberships:

Season Pass : $20
Half Year: $50
Full Year: $75

Season Team Memberships : $150
Year Team Membership : $500

*Membership Special* – Deal ends on April 1st 2014
Full Year Membership for $50


6 v 6 (1 goalkeeper, 5 field players)

• Matches are two 23 minutes halves with a 2 minute break. “Typical” match times: 6:00pm, 6:50pm, 7:40pm, 8:30pm, 9:20pm, 10:10pm, 11:00pm. Times may vary on occasion and game times will sometimes be delayed a few minutes.

• Coed matches MUST have 3 women and 3 men on the field at ALL times

• Advanced season referee payments are subject to availability.

Premier League Monday Wednesday Women’s Open Tues/Thurs Men’s Recreational Friday Coed Open Saturday Coed League
Season 9 games 8 games 8 games 8 games 8 games
Early Bird* (2 Weeks before)
$700 $650 $700 $700 $700
Referee Fee $20 Per Game $20 Per Game $20 Per Game $20 Per Game $20 Per Game
Late Rate** $900 $800 $900 $900 $900
Regular Rate
$800 $700 $800 $800 $800
Time Preference1
+$175 +$175 +$175 +$175 +$175
Field Preference2 +$175 +$175 +$175 +$175 +$175
Time + Field Preference +$350 +$350 +$350 +$350 +$350
Game Time 6pm – 11pm 6pm – 11pm 6pm – 11pm 6pm – 11pm 4pm – 9pm
Divisions A, B A, B A, B, C A, B A, B

*The Early Bird Rate must be paid 2 weeks before the first regular season game in FULL.
**The Late Rate will be charged if a team is not able to pay their fees BEFORE their 1st game.
1Field and Time Preference guarantees 70% of your games to be scheduled at one of your two requested times.
2Field Preference guarantees 70% of your games to be played on your desired field.
Only teams paying in full by the early bird date are eligible for the Field or time preference. 

League Fees:

Early Bird Rate - $700 MUST be Paid in full 2 weeks BEFORE the start of the season.

Regular Rate – $800 MUST be Paid in full BEFORE the 1st game. A $300 deposit is required BEFORE the first week.

Late Rate – $900 All team fees that are NOT paid in full by the 1st game will be raised up to $900. No exceptions.

Payment Plan – $900 must be paid before the 4th game. A $400 deposit is required to be enrolled in the league. Minimum of $100 payments must be paid per each week. Failure to complete the full payment by the 4th game will result in an automatic forfeit from the League.

- All teams must pay a mandatory League fee to cover referees and league administrators.

- Referees will not start any games until league fees are paid by both teams. Failure to pay the referee fees will result in a forfeit.

- Referee fees have been implemented in order to improve the overall efficiency and service of the leagues. Player memberships are now complimentary.

- $100 will be added to a team’s balance if a team fails to pay the full payment BEFORE their 3rd Game. This extra charge will be applied every week until the full balance is paid off.


- COMP Champions receive a FREE next season (Starting 1/1/13).

- REC Champions receive 1/2 OFF next season (Starting 1/1/13).

- Choice of Championship t-shirts or a team trophy.

*Full team payment must be paid by week 4 in order to be eligible for any of the prizes.